Sunday, February 22, 2009

Magic Numbers 08-09

One, one very good hockey team... ah, ah, ah!

We're entering the home stretch of the season here, and to me that means 1 thing - MAGIC NUMBERS. Oh magic numbers, the glorious intersection of math and sports playoffs, how I love you so.

This year I'll be running 4 magic numbers for the Sharks. Check over on the sidebar for updates after each Sharks game. Pay attention, they're all a little bit different.

Effective Clinch

Since the NHL Lockout, no team with fewer than 96 points has ever missed the playoffs. So our first magic number is Effective Clinch = 96 - Sharks Points. At that point we can say San Jose has effectively clinched a playoff spot.

Pacific Divison Clinch

Clinching the Pacific guarantees the Sharks a top 3 seed and home ice for the first round of the playoffs. Pacific Clinch = Maximum possible points by team currently in 2nd in Pacific - Sharks Points + 1. Any time San Jose earns points or Dallas leaves points on the table, this number drops.

Western Conference Clinch

Clincing the Western Conference locks up home ice throughout the first 3 rounds and ensures those fucking Red Wings don't take it. WC Clinch = Maximum possible points by team currently in 2nd in West - Sharks Points +1.

President's Trophy Clinch

You guessed it - the number of points to lock up home ice throughout the playoffs. Right now we're dueling with Boston. President's Trophy = Maximum possible points by team currently in 2nd overall - Sharks Points + 1.

Won't you count with me?


Will R. said...

44 looks scary! With only 25 remaining games. Then again, Boston losses (*cough* Tampa Bay *cough*) makes it go down too.

Can you keep a little "Games Remaining: _" line at the bottom of the magic numbers? Or would that mess up the mojo or leave out the other determining factors (other teams)? Meh, forget it. I can just take the extra 15 seconds to look it up myself...

Section223 said...

Just posted this over at FTF

somebody said...
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